It all began in 1968 when the first five Nimbus boats were built by a boat-building team that had no notion they were creating Scandinavia’s leading boat building company and one of the leading brand names on the market. A Nimbus boat seamlessly combines beautiful design, comfort, quality and safety at sea; values that every owner requires for themselves and for their families.

Nimbus build boats that exceed the requirements of the discerning yachtsman who appreciates smart functionality, comfort, safety and Scandinavian design. Properties Nimbus considers essential whether you go for a quick drive, a social weekend or a long international cruise.

A core value of Nimbus is to carefully consider every ingredient put into the boat, from design, production method, selection of materials and craftsmanship to delivery, service and accessibility. Irrespective of size or model, every part or function in their boats has been developed to satisfy your needs and to create the right ambience aboard. Form, function and materials seamlessly combine to fulfil a clear purpose where the proportions of the boat, functionality and sea keeping abilities are in harmony.

Nimbus have created true timeless Scandinavian design.



A holistic view is adopted in which functionality is central when designing the boat. These boats are built for yachtsmen who want their boat to be as good as it can possibly be when used in its natural element.


Built to the highest standards and tested to optimise your experience at sea. The Nimbus approach is to make boat ownership and life onboard as comfortable as possible.


Environmental award winning, high-tech production facilities and cutting edge technology is combined with a passionate team of boat builders who strive to achieve perfection in every detail.



The Swedish have always been known for their style and being at the forefront of innovation. Nimbus boats are packed full of ideas and features that set them apart from others and enjoy an exceptional reputation for quality. Simply, they are world-class.

It is a Scandinavian thing - building a boat that you would be happy to take your family out to sea in, in ‘almost’ all weathers. This may be a purist approach to boat building, but whether or not we really need it, we all want the most capable seagoing boat that our budget allows.

Nimbus owes its ongoing success to an unwavering dedication to key values such as reliability, quality and a forward-thinking approach. As a company with a pedigree that spans the decades, Nimbus understands the value of creating boats that stand the test of time. Now a well know brand throughout Europe, they have been in the boat building business for over 50 years and are one of the largest powerboat builders in Scandinavia.

Quality and craftsmanship are associated with delicate, pure materials. Naturally, they set the highest standards where components and materials are concerned: these are all carefully selected for quality, appearance and durability.

Specialised joiners create stylish and contemporary interiors using resolutely contemporary tools and methods; but traditional and artisanal priorities and attention to detail are proudly maintained. These attitudes and processes are reflected in every step of the building process.

Grosvenor Nimbus proudly represents the Nimbus luxury brand of high quality motor yachts in the United Kingdom and is part of Grosvenor Yachts Ltd. The Grosvenor Yachts brand has become a synonym for luxury, high quality and customer service.




Ever since Nimbus was founded in 1968, final product quality has been their highest priority. The yard’s professionals are selected both for their skill and for their passion for boat building. All take great pride in their work and are dedicated to ensuring that even the smallest details are executed perfectly. A unique combination of talents – old-school craftsmanship, passion, pride and precision – ensures that the boats they create are of consummate quality.

Starting with contemporary open runabouts and ending with substantial cruisers, the ever expanding range consists of various models, comprising flybridge, coupe and open sports models from 9.0m to 13.5m. If you want a top quality vessel that will stand out in the crowd take a good look at the Nimbus range.

Please find an indication of the main product lines below and we would welcome the opportunity to be part of creating your next boat.



…undeniable prestige; touch, see and feel the difference…



Jaw-dropping performance, bold and evocative design, a sense of occasion that unleashes your sentiments, along with pure joy in glorious natural settings are all part of your vocabulary.

The quality of our boats are a result of heritage and dedication. That’s why they are Nimbus boats. Quite simply, Grosvenor Nimbus is here to exceed your expectations and make your dreams a reality.


…increasing the freedom of people to move across the sea…



We exist to create experiences where passion and the marine environment come together in harmony. Our love of the sea demands our commitment to your safety, protection of the environment, maritime education and training and shared ethical values.

We want to assist you in having the very best possible experience and would be grateful if you take notice of the following information.

Getting in Touch

In addition to our range of new and pre-owned motor yachts, if you have a specific requirement we are more than happy to assist. Please do get in contact with us if we can be of help. Call us on 0330 11 30 800 between 9:00am and 5:30pm on Monday to Friday.